Fit Eleven - Priscilla Wang
HIPS THERAPY & MERIDIAN DETOX - (Postponed until further notice)









Date: Saturday, 27 June 2020 

Time: 3 - 5pm



In our modern workplace culture, the major cause of tight hips is due to spending long period of time sitting in chairs. The tightening of the joints have also cause blockage of energy flows in the body which are vital to the health of our organs. In this workshop, we will explore various postures focused on lengthening, rather than engaging, the connective tissues surrounding the hips; while we also discover and stimulates the meridian lines that run along these targeted areas to maintain our organ health and restore the range of motion of our hips.


This workshop is suitable for all levels, no prior yoga experience needed.


Regular Price: $80

Early Bird (payment to be made by 13th June 2020): $70



Priscilla stumbled upon yoga when she was battling with her low immunity. She first turned to yoga with an intention to stay active but was intrigued by how refreshing and the calming effect she experienced after that very first class. She felt really fortunate to have discovered yoga and it is through a period of consistent yoga practice that her health has improved tremendously. The practice has benefited her mind, body and spirit; and with her own experience of self-healing through yoga, she became inspired to deepen the practice through the 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training.