Fit Eleven - Fen Leong
ASANA CLINIC: Backbend Workshop









12 October 2019, Saturday

2pm - 4pm


Ever wonder how to improve on your tight back/shoulders/hips etc in your backbending and make your own practise a safe and effective one? 


It is important to gain a basic understanding of our body functional movement, myofascial line as well as our individual body restrictions and work accordingly to achieve an effective and painless back bending practice.


What is covered in this workshop?
1) Evaluation of your breathing condition and introduction of better breathing method and exercise.

2) Proper shoulders/scapula/hip mobility and movement exercise.

3) Basic knowledge of myofascial line for backbend


* Minimum 3 months and above yoga practise ~ intermediate level. All yoga props are provided.


Regular Price: $80

Early Bird (by 30 September): $70



Fen has great interests in body movements and she started her yoga journey after A-level and picked up mat pilates, reformer and aerial yoga along the way.  She is trained in yoga, Pilates matwork, reformers, aerial yoga, barre and also an E-RYT 500hr.  Fen started full-time teaching since 2006 and she teaches in various gyms, yoga studio, corporate companies and gives private classes as well.

In addition, she is certified in Piloxing and Booty Barre and loves organising yoga retreats yearly to places such as Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and India. 

In her class, she places great emphasis on the importance of body awareness and alignment as such are important factors contributing to a safe/effective practise to the body as well as cultivating self-empowerment to the mind. She respects different body types and understand the challenges each body type, faces and always ensure every individual has a fruitful practice by giving options during class.