Fit Eleven - Karishma Rai
HIPS MOBILITY & STRENGTHENING - (Postponed until further notice)








Date: Saturday, 25 April 2020 

Time: 3 - 5pm



Did you know that there are 21 muscles that cross over your hip joints at different angles and in multiple directions? The complexity in this muscle group makes it important to ensure that there is healthy mobility in your pelvic region. Tightness in these muscles may result in your spine compensating by over-mobilizing itself, causing much discomfort. In this workshop, we will explore a series of stretches and unique strengthening moves designed to help you “open” your hips. 


Here are 3 ways this workshop could benefit you:


We will address common mistakes and habits that you might have developed. Being conscious is always the first step. After building body awareness, we will work through a progression of mobility drills that will allow you to safely enter asanas that would re-train your joints for optimal functioning. 


Take this opportunity to explore a variety of floor, seated and standing exercises to gradually deepen your range of movement and develop strength in your hip joint muscles. Expect a slow build up from a solid foundation based on conscientious alignment and work through mobility drills that will allow you to safely enter intermediate and advance asanas. 

Hips don’t lie about your emotions! There is a remarkable link between your hips and your emotions. The hips have been described to be emotionally charged; being a place we store our deepest vulnerabilities. Tensed muscles of the hips are the centre for trapped energy. Releasing your hips would free trapped emotions, resulting in a lighter, happier, you! 


This workshop is suitable for all levels of practice. All props are provided.


Regular Price: $80

Early Bird (payment to be made by 11th April 2020): $70



Karishma started her yoga practice at the age of 15 years old when she was dragged by her mom to join her. Little did she know that 10 years later, she would be the one encouraging others onto the mat. Over the years, yoga has enabled her to remain rooted and yet open up physically and mentally in places she had never been before – an experience she hopes to pass on to her students. 

Expect strong, creative flows that are accessible to all levels. Guided with precise instructions and plenty of options, she encourages students to discover their individual anatomies and the power of breath. Balancing her strong practice, she also enjoys teaching Yin Yoga, a restorative practice and Hot Basics classes where your practice will be brought back to its fundamentals. Come along to sweat, smile and play!