Fit Eleven - Alycia Yee
ASANA CLINIC: Master Your Headstand













7 December 2019, Saturday

2pm - 4pm


Have you been yearning to learn and improve your headstand practice? It's time to join this 2 hours workshop at Fit Eleven to master your headstand! Sirsasana, also known as headstand, is the king of asanas. It is a powerful pose requiring all elements of strength, flexibility and balance. The benefits of headstand include anti-ageing, improved blood circulation and enhance mental clarity. 


In this workshop, you will be guided on the fundamentals to move in and out of headstand safely. You will also be introduced to the techniques to condition and prepare your body to master headstand in different variations. 


This workshop is catered to all levels ranging from beginners to advanced practitioners who wish to transform their headstand practice. All props are provided.


Regular Price: $80

Early Bird (by 25 November): $70




Embarking on her quest to improve her scoliosis condition, Alycia stumbled upon yoga in 2014 and has been an avid regular practitioner since. With just an open mind and willing heart, the progression in her yoga journey has allowed her to discover more about herself both physically and spiritually and this shaped her perspective in life.

Having practised different types of yoga ranging from Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Purna, Chakra and Therapy, Alycia further pursued her interest to deepen her knowledge and practice for Yoga through Yoga Teachers Training. She attained the 200-hr Hatha Yoga Teaching Accreditation with Pure Yoga on 1 April 2018. 

Alycia started teaching in May 2018 at Fit Eleven and offers a variety of classes ranging from Hatha, Hatha Flow, Yin, Yin & Yang, Yoga Twist and Restorative. Alycia’s classes are suited to individual and range from lighthearted to challenging classes with an intention to bring about deeper awareness and focus to both the physical body, mind and spiritual health. Listening to one’s body is also an important element in yoga practices that she believes in. She lives by the inspirational quote “Yoga is for the willing, not the flexible” and hopes to make a difference through her enriching yoga practice.