Fit Eleven - Alma Gabriel
INTRO TO BACKBEND - (Postponed until further notice)









Date: Saturday, 22 February 2020 

Time: 3 - 5pm



Explore ways to effectively strengthen the back and lengthen the spine, and guide you in exploring your strengths and overcoming limitations.

We’ll also work towards some advanced asana in deeper backbends and how to come into them safely, respecting our individual bodies and looking at how they can benefit us physically and emotionally.

Backbends are also very beneficial as we are putting our bodies into the completely opposite position than our everyday activities such as sitting in front of the computer, driving, texting etc. They are a good way to reverse these habitual habits and great for opening up the lungs, stimulating the internal organs, squeezing the kidneys to help detoxification, along with developing a whole lot of strength.


Key Focus:

This workshop is suitable for all levels of practice. All props are provided.


Regular Price: $80

Early Bird (payment to be made by 8th February 2020): $70



"Always be a work in Progress". Alma started her Yoga practice in 2010 with the goal of losing weight, and to help her in Pole Dancing and Stress at Work. Soon after, She found Bikram Yoga aka Hot 26 and fell in love with the practice. With that, Alma began to search for more. Hence, she discovered Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, which she started to include in her practice. In 2015, Alma did her 200 hrs Yoga Alliance with Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga with the aim of deepening her practice and understanding of asanas.

After attaining her first certification, Alma pursued further and she is now certified in Dharma Wheel Yoga (2016), Certified Rainbow Kids Yoga (2016), 200hrs Intermediate Hot Hatha Yoga (2017) by Yoga Alliance & Certified Expert Aerial Hoop (2017).

Her deep practice and understanding of yoga guide her in her daily life as she imparts her knowledge through her teachings.