Fit Eleven - Alma Gabriel
ASANA CLINIC: Happy Hips for Splits









14 September 2019, Saturday

2pm - 4pm


Join  Alma on a two hour workshop as she guides  you on opening and stretching of the hips and assist you in achieving splits that you ever dream of. This workshop will let you explore your body in all different styles of split and enjoy the full benefits of the pose such as;

1. Deeply stretches of the thigh
2. Opens the hip flexors
3. Deepens body awareness
4. Develops perseverace
5. Develops patience in the practice

These workshop will also strengthen the core as we explore on all standing and balancing while we are doing the splits.


The pose dedicated to Lord Hanuman is quiet possibly one of the most intimidating postures in the yoga practice. This asana requires lots of opening, acute understanding of body alignment, and a great deal of compassion. 


Preparation for Spilts

  • Hip Opening Poses - For people who sit a long time, the hip flexors and rotators are tense and the gluteal muscles are weak. This combination affects our ability to walk, maintain proper posture, and the stability of our spine. Find the deep release through awareness and use of your hips through the hip opening sequence.
  • Balancing and Core
  • Stretching Poses 
  • Shoulder Opening Poses
  • Back Bending Poses

Split Poses

  • Side Splits – with variations
  • Center Splits 
  • Standing Splits - variations


This workshop is suitable for all levels of practice. All props are provided.


Regular Price: $80

Early Bird (by 26 August): $70




"Always be a work in Progress". Alma started her Yoga practice in 2010 with the goal of losing weight, and to help her in Pole Dancing and Stress at Work. Soon after, She found Bikram Yoga aka Hot 26 and fell in love with the practice. With that, Alma began to search for more. Hence, she discovered Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, which she started to include in her practice. In 2015, Alma did her 200 hrs Yoga Alliance with Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga with the aim of deepening her practice and understanding of asanas.

After attaining her first certification, Alma pursued further and she is now certified in Dharma Wheel Yoga (2016), Certified Rainbow Kids Yoga (2016), 200hrs Intermediate Hot Hatha Yoga (2017) by Yoga Alliance & Certified Expert Aerial Hoop (2017).

Her deep practice and understanding of yoga guide her in her daily life as she imparts the knowledge through her teachings.