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10 Amazing Yoga Teachers in Singapore You’ll Love



Yoga teachers are like jeans - so many great options but only a few can be the perfect fit for you. So how do you find your ‘perfect teacher fit’ in Singapore? Go to your local studios and try them on (the classes, not the jeans of course!)

There are hundreds of yoga teachers to choose from in Singapore. To help you narrow it down, we’ve curated a list of some amazing instructors to suit every kind of practice. From teachers who inspire you to those who bring a personal touch; instructors who will push you to the limit to those who inspire you to go deeper - there is someone for everyone.

Check out our list of Singapore yoga teachers to find your perfect match.

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For Eastern Flavor with Western Roots - Midah Arshad

A Singapore native, it seems that Midah Arshad has the Midas touch. She is trained in Hatha Yoga, Space & Light Yoga, and Ashtanga Yoga, and has continued her training with a plethora of acclaimed instructors. She was introduced to yoga while living in Hong Kong in the late 90s, and added the practice to her other noble pursuits (which include rock climbing and marathon-running).

Midah is interested in helping her clients develop a link between eastern teachings and western psychology, with heavy emphasis on the mind, body, and spirit connection. She also has a creative side, which flows well with her yoga practice, as a graduate from Lasalle College of the Arts.

Website: FitEleven
Instagram: @midaharshad


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