Zul Adnan

Zul’s lessons are always fun, engaging and challenging. A good sweat and a giggle peppered with a healthy dose of knowledge because, Zul believes it is important to impart class attendees with how to go about learning through their own bodies. The ‘self’ grows out of challenges and getting yourself fitter is a really good challenge.

Zul is a certified Personal trainer who is skilled at exercise, movement/kinetics, flexibility, endurance and strength training thus uses these skills in his yoga classes. Always happy to share Zul is, by nature giving.

Zul started yoga out of curiosity in 2006 and upon certification/teaching of Broga (yoga + calistechnics) in 2017 - Zul pursued his RYT 200 in 2018 at Pure Yoga and began to teach/sequence yoga based on his daily dose of Hot yoga, movement exercises, calistechnics, weight training and curing his own fitness problems.

Everyone walks out from his classes drenched in sweat and a BIG smile. Borrowing from one of his own teachers, ‘practise with joyful effort!’ as you gotta enjoy what you are doing albeit a good slow moving warm up.