Class description

Class description

Introducing Yobarre Core, YogaRoll and YoResist,

FIT ELEVEN Exclusive Classes

Each class fuses the fundamentals of yoga with elements of functional fitness, resistance-training, and dance. 

All the above classes are specially designed by Fit Eleven.

Levels: I II, III

These classes are curated with different levels of intensity, and modified where necessary, to allow students to learn and practice at a pace they are comfortable at.

Class schedule


YoBarre Core is a workout that combines yoga and ballet.

 With elements of dance and fitness, this class is an adrenaline-fueled workout that tones, strengthens, and increases flexibility.

Each class incorporates the benefits of an isometric strength-training barre workout with yoga mat work, followed by center practice and asanas.

An overall energizing session for body and mind.


A therapeutic class featuring restorative asanas and the use of deep-tissue rollers.

This class is about discovering your body. It begins with a gentle movements and asanas held from 2-4mins. We will then move on to the deep tissue rollers, using myofascial release to loosen tight, tense muscles. That feeling of calm and zen after it is over will have you returning for another session.

I - 60mins, II - 75mins

Build strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. Along with resistance- training using the ViPR tubes, this class incorporates flow yoga and strength training. (4-10kg ViPR Tubes offered).


Yin Yoga concentrates on our connective tissues. This particular stayle aids in clearing our energetic blockages and enhance circulation. Yin Yoga uses slow stretches in poses of a longer duration (between 2-6mins) to open up the body and to achieve the release of physical and emotional tension.



In Restorative, the class focuses on posture alignment and stretching of connective tissues throughout the body. A slow-paced healing class, each asana will be held for a longer period of time to deepen each stretch, cultivating a meditative mind while focusing on breath work.

With yoga roll, we use the deep-tissue roller for myofascial release, to loosen tight, tense muscles. 

Level: Gentle

Class Type: Healing


The Hatha Flow class incorporates a series of asanas postures into a seamless flow. The sequence in Hatha Flow eventually prepares the body and mind in achieving the peak pose in the class.

Hatha Flow focuses on creating a harmony between breathing and movement, hence improving stamina and lung capacity. Holding poses are also included in the flow to bring awareness to the physical aspect of the postures. This in turn strengthens the body and improves flexibility. Hatha Flow is suitable for all levels of practitioners.

I - 60mins, II - 75mins
Quick peak workout:

Build strength, flexibility, and mental focus as we synchronize movement with breath.

The Vinyasa Flow class focuses on the fluidity of motion, with an emphasis on the rhythmic breathing in tandem with poses held for shorter periods of time, while keeping the focus on body awareness and breath work. A challenging and dynamic experience.

Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included.

Suitable for students with experience in Vinyasa Flow or Power Yoga class practice.

These classes will be taught with some modification and various intensity options to allow students to practise at the pace they are comfortable at.


Creative Flow is a vigorous style of yoga linking breath and movement through a sequence of challenging and gratifying postures. Take your Vinyasa yoga practice to the next level with arm balances and inversions that put a fun, challenging spin on all your favorite moves and asanas.This class will allow you to explore and challenge your strength, balance, flexibility, stamina, and will assist detoxification, all within the context of a seamless and unbroken flow. Students will be given the freedom to explore their limits and walk away feeling energized for the day.

This class is suitable for intermediate yoga practitioners with a regular Vinyasa practice. This class requires necessary body stability and awareness aquired in Level one classes to take on more challenging asanas and sequences. Arm balances and full inversions are included in this class. 

Not suitable for beginners

Vinyasa Core
I - 60mins

This class promises to ignite your inner flame and set in motion inner transformation.

The movements engage the entire body, with a focus on core strengthening.

Vinyasa Core also helps improve the internal support and stability of your body. Some pranayama and chanting may be included.

These classes will be taught with modification and various intensity options to allow students to practice at the pace they are comfortable at.

Vinyasa Basic

Vinyasa yoga focused on moving the body along with the breath. The experience in this class is one of fluidity and motion. Poses are generally held for short periods of time and emphasis on the rhythm of the breath is encouraged with the purpose of aligning and focusing the mind.

Vinyasa basic is suitable for new practitioners and students who want to increase their knowledge of the fundamental Vinyasa sequences and breath alignment. This class sets the foundation for all the other Vinyasa classes. Poses/Asanas can be modified if you are just starting out, experiencing an injury, or even if you're an experienced yogi.


The Twist Yoga class is specially designed to enhance spine and joint mobility as well as detox the body. With improved spinal mobility, it relieves tension from back muscles and hence improves overall body posture.  Twisting poses also enhance digestive function.   

Yoga Twist is highly recommended for practitioners with scoliosis condition and lower back pain. It is also  suitable for practitioners who would like to advance and move deeper into their stretches and asanas. 

I - 60mins, II - 75mins, III

The word Hatha can be translated as “willful” or “forceful”.

This is a non-Vinyasa based asana practice that focuses on connecting the body and mind.

The postures in Hatha help open the body’s many channels, allowing energy to flow freely, while increasing stability and awareness. The asanas are also intended to align your skin, muscles, and bones.

Some pranayama and chanting may be included.


An asana practice that blends strengthening and softening elements with purpose of balancing the body. Students will experience both, an invigorating practice combined with long held deep stretches to cultivate focused and meditative mind. 

Suitable for beginners. some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included. No full inversions are included in these classes.


Zumba is an dance based fitness program created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Perez during the 1990s. Zumba is one of the most awesome workout ever, dancing to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it.


Yogalates is a popular group exercise due to its positive effects on the body and the mind alike. Yogalates allows you to practice and improve your very own limits. You can push and stretch your body while opening up your mind. Working with your own limits is at the heart of Yogalates, everyone has different strengths and needs and Yogalates can always be adapted to the individual. Yoga and Pilate exercises and poses can be as difficult or as easy as you choose them to be. Yoga carefully focus’s on all joints in your body, even the ones you aren’t used to using. The more you put into Yoga, the more you will get out of it, it can lead to improved joins and flexibility in the back



Pilates (pronounced puh-lah-teez and not pie-lates) is similar to yoga but emphasizes your body’s core — the abdomen, obliques, lower back, inner and outer thigh, butt, and so on. For this reason, Pilates develops much of what exercisers need — strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance, and good posture — with a much lower chance of injury than with other forms of exercise. The discipline emphasizes correct form instead of going for the burn. With so many exercise variations and progressions, your body will benefit from every class.


Fight Fit

This class is a group of stand-up combat sports based on kicking and punching, from karate mixed with boxing. It's a terrific conditioning workout for endurance, co-ordination and stamina. In this class, circuit training maybe added for the extra challenge to your body and mind.


Piloxing workouts are a fusion with Boxing and standing Pilates principles. With the mental and physical goal of attaining a "Sleek, Strong and Powerful" self-image. Class exercises will not only strengthen your core, but sculpt and elongate your muscles. 

A fun and invigorating class that burns high calories, improve cardiovascular ability, strengthen and lengthen muscles & improve balance and posture.